Abinsula (ABI) is one of the main European players in Embedded, IoT, Web and Mobile solutions. Established in 2012, Abinsula is based in Sassari, Cagliari, Torino, and Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Barcellona (Spain) and operates in various sectors such as Smart City, Telecommunication, Health, Agritech, Automotive and Smart Mobilities. The focus is on developing embedded solutions and communications equipment, with people with more than ten years of experience. 


M. Eng, is R&D&I Director in Abinsula. He coordinated several international research projects focused on M2M and IoT. As Lieutenant for the Italian Military Airforce, he participated in the Eurofighter 2000 Project Logistic and Technical Specification. He has experience and competence in system architecture and the development of tools, applications, and solutions for embedded automotive and avionics systems projects in compliance with safety certification standards.

Antonio Solinas

PhD degree in Industrial Engineering. She is currently the program manager and is responsible for software quality. She gained experience as a visiting researcher at JET (Joint European Torus, Culham, UK) and in several companies specialising in software-embedded development and cybersecurity. She has been the Innovation Manager of the H2020 Project Cerbero and she is currently the exploitation manager of the Ecsel Project FitOptiVis

Maria Katiuscia Zedda

M. Eng, is a Junior Project Manager, with a background in Vehicle Engineering and a professional master’s programme in Renewable energy networks. He has developed skills in innovation, development and management of industrial issues working with companies in the automotive sector such as Ferrari and Piaggio.  At Abinsula, he is responsible for coordinating R&D projects based on IoT applications and web platforms in the Agri-tech, Smart-Farming and Smart-City sectors.

Francesco Martini

He started in Computer Science and then graduated in Computer Engineering. He acquired skills in different programming languages, software reverse engineering and has a strong interest in HW and SW low-level security. He has a past as a System Engineer. Here at Abinsula, he worked on some automotive projects and is now focusing on R & D projects. He is now in charge of the software development and hardware design of the ESCAPE project.

Alessandro Casula